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NDCS Wellness Committee "Fittest Facility Challenge"

Date: May 18th, 2013

Time: Registration for 5K is at 0900 hours at Camp Gargano, 2260 W. Wittstruck Rd. First heats will begin at 1000 hours. 

The Fitness Challenge aspect is scheduled for 1400 hours.  Both events are planned to take approximately 2 hours for all teams to complete.


5K Obstacle Course - VictoryQuest at Camp Gargano, 2260 W. Wittstruck Rd. Phone:402-416-0411, see website for directions, www.victoryquest.com.

Fitness Challenge at Cornhusker Crossfit at MAS Lifestyle, 3255 Cornhusker HWY Suites B1-4, Phone:402-465-0088

Cost: $29 per participant, $39 with optional customized commemorative t-shirt  ( t-shirt not available after May 4th)

Team Requirements:  The teams will be six (6) person teams.  At least four (4) of the team members should be from the same facility / program with up to two non-NDCS staff team members.  If you are unable to get four (4) NDCS Staff members for a team, a three (3) staff / three (3) civilian team will be acceptable.

Event Details: The challenge will be broken into two (2) separate events.  

1. "Running for the Fence" - 5K obstacle course.   3.1 miles - 35 + obstacles - wet/muddy course.  There will be a 15 Burpee penalty per obstacle for any team member that cannot complete any obstacle.  The Burpee penalty can be broken up and completed by all team members, however, only one team member at a time can be working. 

The team cannot continue on the course until the penalty has been completed.  One (1) team member will also be required to carry / flip / drag a tire at all times for the entire course.  The team can switch who has the tire as many times as needed so long as someone on the team is moving with the tire.  The teams score will be based on the fastest time of the last member of each team completing the course.  If a team wishes to take additional tires for the run, they will be awarded a 30 second deduction off of their final time for each extra tire.  (2 extra tire carries = 1 minute off your final team time) 

Your team may start at the beginning of the course or in the middle of the course with two different start / finish lines so be prepared to hit any obstacle at any stage of the race.   There will be a limit of 150 participants or 25 teams.  The deadline for registration will be 05/17/13.    After the last racers have completed the course, there will be team scores / places announced on the patio outside of the Victory Quest building.  On site concessions will be available.  There will be a break for Lunch / Clean-up / Travel to the Cornhusker Crossfit for the second event at 1400 hours.

2. "Hitting the Weight Pile" fitness challenge.  Three (3) two (2) person fitness challenges completed in a relay style.  (i.e. First two team members will have to complete their exercise(s) before the next team of two can begin.)  The time / scores will be based on time to completion and level of difficulty at each challenge station. 

There will be prescribed weights / exercises / standards of movement which, like the tire carry, will afford the team a time deduction for competing at the prescribed level.  If the weights / exercises / movements are modified at all, the team will not receive any time deductions.  The time deductions can be awarded for  one (1) to all three (3) challenges and a team does not have to do prescribed at all stations to be eligible for a deduction.  (i.e. 1 station RX = 30 second deduction 2 = 1 min deduction and 3 = 1.5 min. deduction.)  Exercise / movements / weights will be announced as the event gets closer.

If you do not wish to participate but would like to volunteer to help please contact William Boucher at William.boucher@nebraska.gov or 402-471-1781



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Event Contact
Promoter: VictoryQuest
Contact: William Boucher, 402-471-1781
Email: Click Here